EURREP at the 2nd Human Fertility Database Symposium

The EURREP team will present their macro-level research at the 2nd Human Fertility Database Symposium in Berlin, 23-24 June 2016.

Thursday, June 23th

  • 2:00–3:50 PM, Session I: Fertility Change and Variation: Cross-national and Cross-regional Perspective

Decomposing cohort fertility decline in low fertility countries: The role of parity progression ratios · Kryštof Zeman, Éva Beaujouan, Zuzanna Brzozowska and Tomáš Sobotka

  • 4:10-6 PM, Session II:Determinants of fertility change and variation: gender roles, economic uncertainty, marriage

Will one replace two? Trends in parity distribution across education in Europe · Zuzanna Brzozowska, Éva Beaujouan and Kryštof Zeman

  • 9:00-10:30 AM, Session III:Cohort perspective on fertility and childlessness

Childlessness in Europe: review of data and long-term trends among women born in 1900-1972 · Tomáš Sobotka