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Beaujouan et al.’s study in the Austrian media

Der Standard, Die Presse and Science ORF.at have featured the article “Childlessness Trends in Twentieth-Century Europe: Limited Link to Growing Educational Attainment” by Éva Beaujouan, Zuzanna Brzozowska and Kryštof Zeman, published in Population Studies (Online first 21 August 2016).

“Höhere Bildung von Frauen hat wenig Einfluss auf Kinderlosigkeit”, Der Standard, 23 August 2016

“Studie: Weiblich, gebildet, kinderlos?”, Die Presse, 24 August 2016

“Die sozialen Ursachen der Kinderlosigkeit”, Science ORF.at, 23 August 2016

Tomáš Sobotka in Newsmaker (Moldova)

In an interview given to the Newsmaker (10 May 2016) Tomas Sobotka argues that economic prosperity and stable labour market are important for fertility decisions. He also calls for a reorientation of family policies in Eastern Europe from focusing on numbers of children towards focusing on health, education, and well-being of the coming generations. Read (in Russian)

Tomáš Sobotka in Broadly.vice.com

In the article  “These Countries Now Have a Historic Imbalance of Men to Women” (Broadly.vice.com, 1 June 2016), Tomáš Sobotka comments on the shifting sex ratio in some European countries. Read

Tomáš Sobotka in Die Presse

Partly based on an interview with T. Sobotka, the article Die vergessene “Völkerwanderung” (The forgotten migration) by Jürgen Streihammer (Die Presse, 30 May 2016) covers massive migration from the East to the West of Europe, which has formed the strongest migration stream in Europe after 1989. Read